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Praxis , world-class consulting, design and build capabilities in area of Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management such as Enterprise wide Business Applications, application migration, Support, development, Web Solutions and offshore consulting.

Evaluating and deploying ERP solution requires capability, experience, and resources. Many organizations lack one or more of these critical elements. Filling these gaps, or managing the entire project from inception to completion, is the role of Praxis - ERP and CRM Consulting Services. The Praxis - combines highly skilled and qualified professionals with proven best practice methodologies development through real world experience with our many clients. The results are projects that are delivered on time, within specifications, and most importantly, a solution that aligns IT initiatives with your current and emerging business requirements and objectives

ERP Services

SAP and Oracle Applications - Consultancy, DBA Support, Resourcing and Training.Praxis has been providing the very latest ERP - SAP and Oracle solutions and services. Our unrivalled expertise covers the entire SAP and Oracle product suite including the Database, Application Server, Development Tools, Middleware and Application Software. Our forte is our ability to deliver a wide range of software solutions with a unique blend of experience, best practices and tools that help you maximize business output.
We Specialize in :
1. Pre-implementation Study
2.Gap analysis
3. Hardware Configuration
4. Solution Development
5.Solution Implementation

ERP Consultancy

Praxis 's expertise spans all core modules of ERP - SAP and Oracle Apps. We have vast experience of implementing new systems, upgrading, customizing, health checking and providing all support services to keep the system available, compliant and meeting your business requirements. We offer a broad range of ERP Consultancy and Support services including: * ERP Functional Consultancy * ERP Application Support * ERP End-User Support * ERP Technical Consultancy * ERP DBA Support

DBA Support - Organisations that require ERP - SAP or Oracle Apps Support often struggle to justify the cost of hiring a full-time Support DBA - a critical business resource that simply does not come cheap. Praxis offers a cost-effective alternative which typically saves our clients up to 50% compared to the cost of hiring or retaining a full-time DBA. Our ERP Support includes services, scripts and patches to ensure your application and underlying architecture is optimized and performs well, including: * Initial Health Check and Performance Review * Proactive Management and Monitoring * Performance Tuning * Concurrent Manager Monitoring, Administration and Alerts * Workflow Support * Data Archive and Purge * Cloning of Environments * Management of Service Requests (SRs) * Customizations and Interfaces * Patch Management (including legislative, recommended and security patches) * 24x7 support for mission critical applications

IT Services

Praxis offers comprehensive Product Development Lifecycle Services, Application Development & Maintenance Services and Consulting Services. Services are offered in multiple technologies across a spectrum of domains. Nous has platform expertise in Microsoft (spearheaded by the Microsoft Competency Group), Open Source (spearheaded by the Open Source Competency Group) and Legacy technologies.